How to Choose The Best TV Stand

Choosing a good TV stand betters your viewing experience. Moreover, a good stand ensures safety and security of your TV as it keeps it out of reach of children. Finding the right stand that matches with all your household items can be a daunting task. Your TV has to be located in the best place that is comfortably visible to all your visitors. Some of the excellent of factors to consider when determining the best TV stand to purchase include;

Measure the Width of Your TV

Measuring the width of your Television prevents the TV from being bigger than the stand. The stand should be at least two inches bigger than your television to create an appealing impression. Additionally, the stand determines the width of the area where the Television will be located. The width of your TV should be proportionate to the TV stand.

Nature and Size of the Room

The TV stand should match the decoration of the area it will be mounted. For example, the TV stand should match the colors of other items in the living room. Such items include sofa sets, cup-boards and other furnishings in the room. Moreover, the style of the room will determine the TV stand to purchase. For instance, a modern high-tech style demands a metallic or glass TV stand. Lastly, the size of the room is important to determine whether you need a swivel or corner TV stand.

Strength and Size of the stand

TV stands’ measurements differ greatly with the size of Televisions. This necessitates home owners to select the appropriate size of the TV stand that suits the measurement of their Televisions. A TV should comfortably support your flat-screen television, thus preventing it from falling. Also, it should have adequate space to accommodate other appliances such as power cables, gaming consoles and DVD players. The stand should be mounted at a place that is within your eye level to prevent one from struggling to gain a better view. Thus, the stand should be affixed at a place not too high or too low.


A stand that is easily movable is required where you frequently need to alter the organization of your house. A swivel stand is highly advocated where you need to constantly alter the arrangement of your living room. Also, a TV stand should be light and easy to carry where you need to often relocate your television from one area to another.

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